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Accountants Superannuation Fund

Wide West designed an Internet information strategy for the Accountants Super Fund to interact with its members

Australian Communications Industry Forum
Wide West Media implemented a content information strategy based on Metadex technology for ACIF, which allows them to communicate with members

The Executive Network
TEN is an Internet based entrepreneur with an information strategy designed by Wide West Media and now re-implemented in XML

Adult Toys: Online Stores

Adult Toys: Online Stores

If you’re shopping online for adult toys, you need to know that not all online vendors are created equal. Experts state that not all adult toy retailers are as safe and reliable as others. Luckily, while not every source agrees on the same exact list of the best places to go shopping for sex toys, a few names do come up frequently. Here then, are a some of the best places to purchase sex toys Wild Secrets:

Adam and Eve
This is the largest online sex toy retailer. They have a good selection of lingerie and adult toys and often include freebies with orders. They even have physical locations in 18 states in the U.S. and even one in Canada.

This is another reputable online retailer. They are often praised for providing, relevant tips, guides and even educational materials that help the less experienced shoppers familiarize themselves with the the items they are considering purchasing. The retailer also provides general information on sexual health as well.

Extreme Restraints
Another popular website, this retailer also has a noteworthy reputation as an online retailer such as discreet, reliable shipping. This company, however, is also a specialty vendor of fetish items. If a shopper is looking for sex toys that are more eclectic than the standard fare, Extreme Restraints has it.

Agent Provocateur
Here is an online vendor known best for class and sophistication. They offer what critics call a “high-end experience.” They are not known for always offering reasonable prices but some of their products are reportedly “within the average budget.” Nevertheless, it is praised as being a very nice website to browse or “window shop” with one’s partner. (These sites contain images that are NSFW.)

Police Checks: Valid Applicants, Application and Requirements

Police Checks: Valid Applicants, Application and Requirements

Police checks are designed to provide a clear summary of an individual’s offender history in the country. You might be required to apply for this type of documentation for different reasons, but it particularly essential during recruitment for jobs. Basically, this is a mandatory requirement for most companies because previous criminal history can affect the business. Here is the critical information that you should know with regard to police checks.
Valid Applicants
You can request for your individual police check as long as you are a permanent or even temporary resident in the country. If you reside overseas but still hold valid citizenship, you will be provided with the certificate. Applicants that are seeking employment with the government or want positions in overseas companies are also ideal applicants. Most employers and even directors of volunteer programs will demand the evidence of your good conduct. The police will also provide checks for individuals interested in overseas adoption, immigration and general travel outside the borders.
Application Process
When you are submitting an application for police checks at Intercheck, you will have two primary options to consider. You can fill in the online form provided by the authorities and submit directly. Alternatively, you can download the same form to your computer. If you wish to, you can fill the details with your computer and then print, or first print the form and then fill the details by hand. These documents must be sent through the post office because it is not acceptable to send credit card details over emails.
You should ensure that all your names, current and former, are outlined in the application form. Payment for the police checks should be settled when submitting the documentation. If the amount sent is incorrect, your application is not likely to be processed. Ensure that you have attached good copies of your relevant identification documents to the form. Always double check to make certain that all the demanded details are entered correctly into the forms. For example, it is important for all mandatory check boxes to be filled, words to be written in legible block letters and the correct date of birth entered. If you are uncertain about anything regarding the police checks, contact an expert or the police service.



The Australian International Trade Association is located with in the heart of Beijing, China. It was founded in the year 1997 and is a self owned company….employing any where from around 11 to 50 employees. The Australian International Trade Association is abbreviated as AITA.

AITA deals in the industry of international trade and development, which appears to be its primary specialty. According to an online source, which may be retrieved and fully read at (https://www.linkedin.com/company/aita):
“Australian International Trade Association organized A 30-STRONG Chinese trade delegation visited Gympie to establish a relationship of friendship and business between Wide Bay and one of China’s most productive provinces. The delegation met with business and council leaders…” (pg. 1) The longer name for the company goes beyond that of The Australian International Trade Association, but is rather known in full as The Australian International Trade Association (AITA) & Associates.

The CEO of The Australian International Trade Association & Associates (AITA & Associates) is currently Mr. Michael Guo….who also happens to live right near the Beijing, China area….making it far more convenient for both himself and his nearby headquartered organization of The Australian International Trade Association (AITA) & Associates. I forgot to mention that this great and unique organization exists primarily to both specialize and mutually enhance all relations between Australia and all other countries with in the world. It is both a unique call and a privilege.

Positive relations between Australia and other countries is of vital importance. Some such areas include, but are certainly not merely limited to, those of: education, commerce and trade, agriculture, finances, tourism, and investments. They also have a Facebook page which may be located at (https://www.facebook.com/AITA.au/). This Facebook page includes photos, posts, updates, news, messaging, and much, much more! Go and check the site out for your self when you have the time….there is really nothing to lose and much to potentially win, and learn. They are also featured in many Chinese news sources, such as the Beijinger.

Is Business Coaching Right For You?

Is Business Coaching Right For You?

Business coaching just may be one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself and your business. It can provide you with the tools, education and motivation you need to take your company from good to great. Action Vic business coaches help you focus on what matters the most so you can spend your time on activities that will move you closer to your goals.

They help you get clear about what you want to accomplish and will help you come up with a plan to meet all of your goals. But the question still remains, is business coaching right for you?

To help answer that question we have outlined a few things that would make you the ideal candidate for business coaching.

#1 – If you are in upper or middle management and looking for a way to improve your leadership skills, business coaching may be right for you. Even if you have been in a position of leadership for an extended period of time, working with a business coach can help you discover new ways to keep both you and your team motivated.

#2 – Introverted individuals or those who consider themselves shy could learn a lot from a business coach.

#3 – Women who are tired of being stuck in a position or roll all because of their gender could benefit greatly from business coaching. A business coach can help you develop a plan to break through that glass ceiling women are often faced with.

#4 – If you have just been promoted to a management position and have very little experience, business coaching can give you the confidence you need to excel in your new position.

#5 – If you are “burned out” and looking for a way to rediscover your passion, working with a business coach may be just want you need. A good business coach will help you find a fresh perspective so that you can move forward and discover what you really want to do with your life.

#6 – Anyone who is facing any type of crisis in their life can benefit from business coaching.